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Ethics. I built a company that is client-focused rather than project-focused.  It is important to me that my clients know I am doing everything in their best interest. I realize that clients’ time is valuable, so I am concise, direct, and honest, whether it’s good or bad news. I think clients deserve to have the most complete and up-to-date information so they can make the best decisions.

Experience.  My journey to becoming a homebuilder has been interesting.  As a senior in high school, I began my apprenticeship as a carpenter. I have continued to work in Building and Carpentry for over 20 years now. My recent experience has mainly been custom carpentry finish work on high-end, custom homes in Aspen Colorado. ($1.5 million-$26 million homes)

Exposure. As I work on homes and businesses in Vermont, I bring the quality of high-end work to my clients. Whether it is a residential project, commercial project, a barn, or a garage, I treat every project as I would a luxury project. I will not cut corners and I work with my clients’ budgets to build to their satisfaction.